The importance of a Silviculture Plan

When you manage or own forest land, your main concern is likely to keep it healthy and productive well into the future. It can be challenging when you have the joint goals of protecting wildlife, keeping water clean, and other environmental concerns while maintaining or increasing the value of your forest property at the same time. These are all excellent reasons to create a forest stewardship plan.

Forest stewardship means that you make wise decisions that ensure the well-being of your forest for years to come. It focuses on productivity and health while recognizing your rights as a forest owner and the rights of others as well. A big component of forest stewardship is the ability to understand the impact of each decision you make while maintaining or growing your forest. It asks you to look beyond your immediate desires to consider the aesthetic, environmental, and financial impact your choices have on your property and people who will enjoy the forest after you.

Fulton Forest Products is happy to assist you in reaching these goals and objectives that you put forth.