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Timber Management

Realizing the Full Potential of the Woodlot

Generations of our family have spent their whole lives in the forest. We’ve hunted, fished, bird watched, camped, and enjoyed countless morning and evening walks. That is why we are committed to taking the time to treat each and every woodlot like our own.

We at Fulton Forest Products work with the landowner to realize the full potential of the woodlot.

You can increase value, increase volume, and ensure high-quality trees for the future by eliminating undesirable trees, and opening the forest canopy to ensure the growth of younger trees.

We use a silviculture plan tailored to the woodlot itself based on size, topography, species and, most important, the desires and goals of the landowner.

Some additional benefits that can be achieved for the landowner through logging practices are horseback riding trails, hunting access, wildlife food plots, and habitat improvement, just to name a few.

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Harvesting a Renewable Resource

Our forests are a renewable resource. We have built a reputation for our stewardship and quality control.

We practice low-impact harvesting with strategic placement of log landings, skid trails, drainage crossings, seeding and mulching to eliminate erosion and sedimentation. We strive to work around fence rows, crop fields, wetlands, deer stands, and other sensitive areas. We also work closely with other companies when dealing with oil and gas lines, or electric and telephone right-of-ways.